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In October we had quite a few event highlights here in Vienna: After a short break last year we had once again the choice to see the collections of various designers at the La Moda on three evenings:
At the same time the Renault Haute Couture Award was handed over to Thang de Hoo:
And in October the Blickfang Design Fair took place once again, where various designer collections hit the catwalk:
And during the last month the La Luna Style boutique seduced us with their new and revealing autumn wear:

Concerning our collections the main emphasis was on the accessory section: Brandnew we have bags by Robert Horn Vienna:
and precious jewellery by Jeweller Leo Mueller:
Furthermore we are able to present the new collection by Esprit Jewel and Timewear:,
glittering accessory items out of the Fashion and Home Decor collection by Swarovski:,
great accessories by Ferragamo:
and for the sporty kind among you watches by Puma:
If you are more into lingerie we have the undressed Collection by Marlies Dekkers:
and the one by Hanro of Switzerland:
If you favour the work of austrian designers, you might love the new collection Classic meets Rock by Michel Mayer:
And for the addicts of sportswear in general we have a lot too: The fall collection by nikewomen - which will soon be followed by the holiday collection:,
the new collection by Murphy NYE: and also for the first time on our site: Jet Set - the exclusive label coming from the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland:
If you adore fashion boutiques we can recommend the Gerngross City Center:,
Mondial fashion and fur:
and Popp and Kretschmer:
And last but not least we have something for the fashionable men as well with the current Zegna collection:

As usual our offer:
If you want to become part of with your own collections, please don't hesitate to contact our editors.

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