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Our focus this month is on figure forming products to prepare ourselves for the warmer season and will soon turn to sun protection for hair and body.

In March we were able to attend several interesting events: At the club disco Banane in Volksgarten new products out ot the got2b Haarstyling range were introduced. This event was called "Spielwiese" (meaning playground) which is also the name of one of the new prodcts:
March was also a month full of new shop openings. From now on the city of Vienna also has a Kokon Lifestyle house:,
on Kaerntner Strasse there is a new McNeal Flagship Store:
and on Alserstrasse a Geox Shop thanks to a franchising partnership with Stiefelkoenig:
But there were also quite a few fashion shows to see. At the Gerngross CityCenter there was a whole day dedicated to fashion called Fashion Day:,
at La Luna Style there was a lingerie and swimwear show:
and at the Kattus sparkling wine-cellars a collection presentation of Michel Mayer:
By the end of the month Swarovski invited us to the Jugenstiltheater on a poetic journey accompanied by their new accessory collections:

Concerning our collection updates we had a calmer month. Corresponding to the events we have the Geox collections - on the one hand the outerwear:
and on the other hand shoes:
Furthermore there is the collection "Sonnleitensieben" by Michel Mayer:
There are also news by Boutique Mondial:,
from the lingerie section by Triumph:
and by Valisere:,
and creations of the russian knitwear designer Alexander Seraphimoff:

As usual our offer:
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