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At the beginning of November Henri Sillam held a celebration at the same time at his Jewellery-Boutique Henris and at his Interior-Boutique Purple Home: Shortly afterwords the product innovations by Remington - for example a product for hair straightening which can be used on damp hair as well - were presented at Fabios: The final of the Elite Model Look in Austria took place at the Austria Center and was won by Kirsten from Graz: At the beginning of carnival season the Ball de BeautŽ was celebrated as the first ball event since 100 years at the Ronacher: By the end of November BR-Fashion Boutique showed some inspirational ideas for people still in search of christmas presents: Swarovski presented their new accessory collections at Museumsquartier and for the first time the Swarovski and the Daniel Swarovski collection for Spring/Summer 05 were shown together.

Concerning collections the main emphasis is on categories which are very useful for ideas for christmas such as lingerie and jewellery. We have the current collection by Valisere: and Triumph International: Jewels by Joop Jewellery:, Esprit Jewel and Timewear:, Jewels by Henris: and Jeweller Heldwein: As we are deep into ball season already evening wear is important as well such as Mango Evening: and brand new Jamie Hyde for people who care for quality and elegance: Furthermore we have the new collection by Elfenkleid who are two young designers from Austria:, Trends by BR-Fashion Boutique: For small children we can recommend Replay and Sons: and if you are into young fashion have a look at Replay Blue Jeans: If you are more into sports, go straight to the Nikewomen Collection:

Last but not least we want to wish all our users a merry christmas and all the best for the next year of fashion to come.

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