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At the beginning of May Swarovski and Daniel Swarovski Paris presented their collections named "In the Mood for Ice" for fall/winter 05/06: Around the middle of May the catalogue of the Dorotheum jeweller was introduced featuring also singer Sandra Pires: And in May the Lifeball took once again place in the town hall of Vienna and this year the weather was absolutely perfect:

Concerning our collections we have a very new addition - the fashion store Combinat at Museumsquartier, which combines as the name implies 4 designers: Summer trends can be viewed at Mondial boutique: and at the Gerngross CityCenter: Accessory-wise we have "breathing" shoes by Geox:, very special bags by Crumpler: and accessories by Rene Lezard: For your pool-time we can recommend Swimwear by Puma: And manymany articles out of the catalogue of the Dorotheum jeweller can be seen also if you click:

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