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Welcome to our March edition of @FNN!

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Our focus this month is still on new makeup looks for spring, but we are also slowly turning to figure forming products to prepare ourselves for the warmer season which we await impatiently already.

We were very busy in February working on our updates and so there is a lot to see: this time the emphasis is clearly on jewellery and watches. If you are engaged to get married soon have a look at the wedding ring collection by Joop:,
furthermore we have beautiful pieces by Esprit jewel and timewear:,
colourful jewellery trends by the Dorotheum jeweller:,
the spring collection by Dolce and Gabbana Time:,
and our brand-new addition offering design and silver jewellery at in design which can be found at the Palais Harrach:
Additionally we can protect ourselves against the first rays of the sun in spring with the sun collection by Silhouette:
If you are fond of traditional costumes we can recommend traditional accessories by Romy Hubegger:
If you intend to visit some Viennese balls this season, you could books an appointment at Bundy Bundy for your updo:
and if you prefer a hairdo which is more on the wild side, the two hairdressers Ruppitsch and Theuermann would be a good choice:
And you should not miss appropriate shoes for example by Nannini:
accompanied by Nannini bags:
If you are more price consciuos but want stylish shoes none the less, go straight to Deichmann:
Fashion-wise we do also have lots of updates:
designer fashion at Popp & Kretschmer:,
a great variety of choice at the Shops situated in the Gerngross CityCenter:,
young fashion by Mango:
and another new addition - the tradtitional fashion house Tlapa:
Additionally we have luxurious lingerie by Palmers:
and by Wolff:

Last but not least we want to inform you that you can win a prize once again. During the month of march we offer 2 vouchers by New Yorker and you do not even have to answer any questions: Just enter your name and address and maybe luck will be on your side soon!

As usual our offer:
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