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Welcome to our December edition of @FNN!

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What is more we already want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year which is approaching fast as our next monthly bulletin will be sent out January 2nd 2002.

We are still testing products and our bathrooms look more and more like gigantic beauty stores. If you are interested in a particular report or if you can provide us with products for trial or your own product reports (text and picture material) that would be great! Please feel free to contact our editors.
Many thanks to Mrs. Krumbein who sent us some reports concerning Babor's Scen Tao series. And a special thank you to Mrs. Fegerl of the Austrian MDCC Service Office who came for a visit, brought along nearly all Monika Dabs products and let us try them out. We were pleasantly surprised how effective this regimen is.

During the month of November our focus was on Makeup Looks for autumn/winter. As the stressful christmas season is coming along, we want to relax and destress, so we will have a look at bathoils and wellness products in general one more time. These products will certainly be covered in our product report section as well.

Our collection of links covering beauty & style has grown again, approaching 4.000. If you find out that something is still amiss or there was a change of address on a site , please let us know.

In November we received a lot of invitations for events: Fusion Fashion in Stein's Diner is now held not every single week but every second week. Last month they had the University of Applied Arts Vienna with their fashion design class and Christina Frotschnig Fashion Design. At the beginning of November the Palm House restaurant in Vienna's Burggarten presented 'Steele and Style', where fashion, makeup artistry and hairstyling came together in a Performance. The fashion school 'Hetzendorf' did a cooperation with jeweller Heldwein 'Pearls an inspiration for fashion'. Furthermore the Vienna Couture Award 2001 was handed over and Christina Frotschnig had a fashion show in the university observatory.
In November there were also quite a few openings: Welcome to Replay's Flagship Store and come in to 'the look bar' both situated in Vienna's inner city. Lat but not least the designers Hartmann Nordenholz presented their current collection.
If you could not attend any of these events, go to to see what was going on!

Our current voting is nosy concerning your makeup buying habits but we will soon introduce our new voting section already announced in our last newsletter. Please be patient, it will only take a little longer.! At present we have found quite a few shops who want to join us and present themselves on Be inspired for your next shopping trip very soon.
Our collections have a new addition: Trendsetter Boutique and an update to Lingerie by Marlies Dekkers. If you plan to get married anytime next year, have a look at Cinderella, now featuring Bridal Collections for Spring 2002.

As usual any comments are welcome, just send an email to!

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