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During the month of November, we had our focus more on products for men and on colour cosmetics. If you are interested in a particular report or if you can provide us with products for trial or your own product reports (text and picture material) that would be great! Please feel free to contact our editors. In November we learned a lot about the product range of Nu Skin cosmetics. The most impressive tool for us was the Galvanic Spa System enabling the user to have the benefit of a cosmetic skin treatment at home. In December we will continue to give you ideas for christmas presents in the fields of fashion and beauty.

Our link collection concerning beauty & style is still waiting for your hints if you find out that something is still amiss or there was a change of address on a site. Please let us know!

November was once again an eventful month: At the beginning of the month the Liska Fur Flagshipstore celebrated their opening on the Graben. In the same week we were able to visit the glamourous halls of the natural history museum for the fashion show "Vestes Preciosae" presenting textiles by Vesna and fashion design by Lilo Almog. Soon after there was a jewellery presentation at "Dorotheum Juwelier". Once again Fabio«s restaurant was the location for a fashion show - this time by Rene Lezard. On the same day was a big party at the "Semper Depot", with the addition of a fashion show by Replay. Furthermore we were invited to another artfashion presentation at Fisher«s Focus featuring Elfenkleid. For the first time we attended an event which was not mainly about fashion and beauty but about interior design: Chimani Interiors. Especially during the weeks before christmas people are interested in decorating their homes - and so do fashionistas who are particulary interested t! o have a stylish decoration!.

This month our collections were updated in many areas: Lingerie by Carla, Bridal and Evening Wear by Cinderella, Jewellery by "Dorotheum Juwelier", Watches by Dior, Accessories by Liska, Hermes, BR Fashion and fashion boutiques Riva, Linea und Cala Casual. We also have a new addition: Boutique Amicis.

Finally we want to wish our readers a merry christmas and a happy new year early on as our next monthly bulletin will be sent out by the beginning of January 2003!

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