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Welcome to our July edition of @FNN!

As you all know Fashion Network has been offering product reports for quite some time now. If you are interested in a particular report or if you can provide us with products for trial or your own product reports please do not hesitate to contact our editors. Special thanks to Karin van Vliet who provided us with many products of her „Make Up Studio“ for testing together with a personal consultation.

During the month of June our news focus was on sun screens. In July we will continue with specials on this summer-topic. These products will certainly be covered in our product report section as well. Furthermore we had several reports on Nivea Beauté products as we received some for testing. Many thanks to Nivea!

Our collection of Links is growing steadily. Currently we passed the magical number of 3.700 links covering fashion, beauty and style sites. What is more we are still searching for more just for you and there is certainly more to be found!

As the fusion fashion events are currently undergoing a summer break we had several other events to go to: At the beginning of June we visited the Hetzendorf castle for the annual fashion show of the Hetzendorf fashion school, about a week later we attended Lifeball 2001 in Vienna’s Town Hall and soon after FN was present at the Supermodel of the World Gala Diner in the ANA Grand Hotel.

Our current voting enquires about our users‘ makeup preferences. We want to know how often and how much makeup you apply? As the responses were not very numerous again, we hope you will overcome your shyness and participate next time!

We added some collections to our site: Art Point/Lena Kvadrat - Fashion from Russia, Hartmann/Nordenholz already known from fusion fashion sent in photographs of their work, Pitour, concerning Lingerie we added Skiny and Wolff, a suggestion for exclusive fashion for children is „Jacadi“, in the cosmetic Department we are featuring Karin van Vliet and jewellerywise Patudesign

Our online store is up and running: Beautician Monika Dabs presents her revolutionary skincare regimen and you are able to purchase her products at During the weeks to come several topics will be high-lighted; the next focus will be on the delicate undereye area.

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