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As usual we have an offer for you concerning product reports: If you are interested in a particular report or if you can provide us with products for trial or your own product reports (text and picture material) that would be great! Please feel free to contact our editors. In May our main topics were Summer Care for your hair and the recent Summer Looks. Newswise our focus was primarily on lingerie and of course on Summer Looks plus sunglasses which are this year once again influenced by the sequel of the Matrix film.

Our link collection concerning beauty & style is still waiting for your hints if you find out that something is still amiss or there was a change of address on a site. Please let us know!

The month of May was filled with many events: By the beginning of the month the jewellery shop Henris started with the first presentation of a monthly series giving designer Letizia Reuss the opportunity to show her works. The next event in May also dealt with jewels: Jeweller Heldwein showed works of the luxurious Pomellato Collection. On the same day Anastasia Boutique celebrated its reopening. Furthermore we were able to experience the making of a hat at Muehlbauer Atelier. By the end of the month we had once again the opportunity to see precious stones at the spring cocktail of the Dorotheum Jeweller. And last but not least the 11th Lifeball took place in front of the Viennese Town Hall with an impressive fashion show by Missoni.

Concerning our collections we have a lot of updates: Watches by Camel Active, Zegna accessories for the perfect gentleman, unusual jewellery by Henris and sunglasses by Daniel Swarovski Paris crystal eyewear. Concerning young designers we have the new collection of artpoint - Lena Kvadrat for you. For the one interested in young fashion we have New Yorker, for the sun-worshippers we have beachwear by Barbara Paris at La Luna Style, for our male companions the current Zegna Collection and in Gerngross City Center there is undoubtedly something to be found for everybody interested in fashion. If you are interested in Cosmetic treatments, you should consider a visit to Studio Carla for an Ayurvedic Massage.

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