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Welcome to our May edition of @FNN!

As you all know @Fashion Network has been offering beauty product reports since the beginning of April. During last month this section has started to grow. If you are interested in a particular report or if you can offer us products for trial please do not hesitate to contact our editors.

For the month of May we plan to inform you about topics people are getting more and more concerned about as it is getting warmer outside: Best methods of Hair Removal, Self Tanners and of course Sun Lotions. These products will certainly be covered in our product report section as well.

Our collection of Links is growing steadily. Currently we have a little over 3.500 links covering fashion, beauty and style sites. What is more we are still searching for more!

The fusion fashion events in April were featuring "Making of" - a styling agency presenting the recent collection of the designer Vera Winkler - and "pool" a cooperation of e.s (art direction), raphael just (photography), iris karl (make up), christoph pirnbacher (styling) und roman geller (photo processing). As these events take place every Tuesday, we will continue our reports from there.

In April several performances of "the fashion criminals km/a" took place which you can recapture at our fashion network site.

Our current voting covers the world of perfumes. We simply want to know which family of fragrance you prefer. Or maybe you are a "perfume-addict" possessing one or more fragrances of the same family and simply cannot or doesn't want to decide for a single one?

We added some collections for spring/summer 2001 to our site: Alvina Valenta, Amy Michelson, Angel Sanchez, Brach & Brach, Aubade, Avon, Triumph International, Akris, Puma Women, Sportalm Kitzbühel.

At last we want to apologize that our new online store is not yet online. We are sorry for the delay but can assure you that this event will take place in May! So get excited!

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