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Welcome to our April edition of @FNN!

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There is still a very high demand for products which we can use for our product test section. If you are interested in a particular report or if you can provide us with products for trial or your own product reports (text and picture material) that would be great! Please feel free to contact our editors. This time we want to give our thanks to Avon (skincare) and Nivea (Colour Cosmetics) for supplying us with their products.

During the month of March our emphasis was on makeup trends and fragrance newcomers presented now by nearly every brand on the market. Furthermore we gave you some jewellery hints to inspire your easter bunny. Next month we will look after our skin making it ready for warmer temperatures and protecting it against the first rays of the sun. These products will certainly be covered in our product report section as well.

We are proud to inform you that our link collection concerning beauty & style has passed the threshold of 4.000 links. If you find out that something is still amiss or there was a change of address on a site , please let us know.

In March our time schedule was quite full of events: At the beginning of March the traditional fashion house of Fuernkranz presented their collection, followed by a lingerie show by Badies Boutique, the unconventional fashionshow of Melanie Merio, Claudia Tramontana's presentation of her Couture and finally the big G-Fashion-Show in Vienna's gasometer shopping center. Our little nose was delighted to be invited to the launch of Orlane's new perfume and as its name suggested we felt like 21 again. Finally there was another fusion fashion event in Stein's Diner featuring 'the unit' a group of young architects, who are responsible for the interior of quite a few fashion shops in our country.
We are really looking forward what the month of April will offer us concerning events!

The month of March saw us in an updating frenzy: Accessorywise there is a brandnew overview of shades by Silhouette, adidas and Daniel Swarovski Paris. Concerning beachwear we are now also presenting the Aubade Ocean Collection. Lingeriewise Aubade, Avon, Hanro, Marlies Dekkers, Palmers and Sabbia Rosa are completely renewed. New material can also be found at Jacadi for children's fashions. Furthermore we are presenting the new collection of the austrian designer Kayiko. And Gabi Lauton, Amann Women and Men, Trendsetter, Mango and Humanic come forward in new clothes as well.

If you want to become part of with your own collections, please don't hesitate to contact our editors.

In March we finished our first questionnaire. During the month of April another survey will be prepared for our users. The happy winners of our Badies voucher will be informed next week and you can find out who was the lucky one next week in our discussion board (News bei @ZAZA). What is more we are already preparing new features for - one will be about style. Be surprised!

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