@ZAZA news 02-04-2001

Welcome to our March edition of @ZAZA-News!

Following the announcement in our last month’s newsletter we have finished the work on our product report section. First results will be browsable this week. Parts of the product descriptions are available in German and English, and @ZAZA users can submit their own reports. So get ready and write your own comments, or tell us which products you would enjoy to see evaluated.

Our Link collection is still growing, at the moment we have a little over 3.400 links covering fashion, beauty and style.

We are seriously considering changing the @ZAZA layout colours in favour of a brighter and more spring like look. Welcome springtime!

We are still attending every fusion fashion event. Last week‘s event was dedicated to the Austrian newcomers Wendy & Jim.

Another highlight were the fashion shows and events we went to: firstly fashionLOOK, a trendshow giving an overview of the work of Austrian designers, then the spring/summer fashion show of Tramontana, and, last but not least, the performance of the fashion criminals of km/a at the boomerang award 2000.

In March we welcomed several new additions to our featured shops: Badies underwear, Checkout, and all three Papillon shops. One shop, „Pia Antonia“, even decided to join in although they already have their own internet site. So if you are interested in being a part of @ZAZA just email us with some info about your shop and your website address. We will include you as soon as possible.

This week’s voting enquires what @ZAZA users consider the worst fashion no-no concerning men. Of course the mistakes of their female conterparts will be covered as well next time, so be prepared.

We also have some new additions to our presentation of collections for spring/summer 2001: Vive Maria Forbidden Lingerie, Amann traditional wear for women and men, and Janine Asmar bridal and evening wear. Furthermore we have a growing section about Austrian designers who are receiving more and more appreciation for their work.

At last we want to inform you that our online shop will be undergoing heavy reconstruction. During the next weeks more products will be added which can then be bought directly within each shop’s presentation. Shop owners will be informed via fax or email about orders which they can then handle all by themselves. So, if you are interested, just email us.

Just for your information: you received this newsletter because you either subscribed yourself on our homepage or because we added your homepage to our link collection.

As usual any comments are welcome, just send an email to!

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