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In November there were quite a few dazzling events: At the begining of the month we received an inviation to the Indochine restaurant for the presentation of the new collection of Daniel Swarovski Paris evening eyewear decorated with a new color scheme called "Padparadscha". Soon after the Pierre Lang Fashion Award 2003 was handed over to La Hong for his outstanding creations. In November there was also something interesting for people interested in home styling: the opening of Purple Home on Wildpretmarkt where you can buy small and big treasures for your home. For the celebration of the birthday of sloggi underwear ballett dancers did a dance performance wearing the new collection in the Kuenstlerhaus. And last but not least there was an other opening of a subsidiary of the Dorotheum Jeweller on Kaerntner Strasse.

Concerning our collections the emphasis was once more on accessories: have a look at jewellery by Henris and Esprit, high-class accessories by Hermes and Armani, glasses by Silhouette and Daniel Swarovski crystal eyewear and shoes by Humanic. For suitable lingerie we can suggest La Luna Style where you can get - among others - the newest collections by Lejaby and of course Sloggi. Fashion trends can be seen at the Steffl Department Store, New Yorker and Cocuni Stores (fomerly known as Trendsetter). And we now present a russian designer: Alexander Seraphimoff who illustrates his knitted dresses with colourful landscapes and animals.

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