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Welcome to our October edition of @FNN!

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Fashion Network has been offering product reports for quite some time now and we are still keen on testing. If you are interested in a particular report or if you can provide us with products for trial or your own product reports that would be great! Please feel free to contact our editors. Many thanks to Nivea for their substantial contribution of products out of their „Oriental Secrets“ Collection.

During the month of September our focus was on Makeup Looks for autumn/winter and corresponding perfumes for this season. These products will certainly be covered in our product report section as well.

Our collection of links covering beauty & style is still growing. Last month we passed 3,800 links and are looking forward to 4,000. If you still miss some entries, please let us know.

In September we had lot of events to attend: By the beginning of September the opening of the Jewelry Exhibition „Vernetzt“ took place in Hetzendorf Castle and afterwards the Coral Award 2001 was given to the winner. Just a few days later Claudia Tramontana Couture and Authried Furs held a fashion show in the inner city of Vienna. Soon after „On the Move #2“ to
ok place in Vienna’s Town Hall - a hair styling show combined with a big party. And after the long summer break Stein’s Diner restarted its fusion fashion events and Fürnkranz presented their autumn wear in their shops. Concerning beauty the month of September was quite eventful as well: If you like Bobbi Brown Cosmetics you are no longer dependant on you oversea friends to send her products to you but you can get them in Vienna at last at Naegele & Strubell. Vienna also saw the opening of the first Le Duigou Beauty Spa in the capital and Makeup Artist Karin van Vliet openend her Make Up Academy for people interested in her work and courses.
If you were not able to attend these events, you can still see what was going on there visiting

Our current voting is about hair colour. Are you happy with the hair colour you were born with or are you constantly changing your colour like a chameleon?

Our shops are undergoing major updates to show you their current autumn/winter fashion. We also have a new addition: Pia Lemberger’s casall shop not far from Mariahilfer Strasse - which is one of Viennas biggest shopping streets - offering high quality sportswear originating from Sweden.
And of course some of our collections were also renewed for the autumn/winter look: Amy Michelson Bridal Wear, Wolff Lingerie, Atelier Torino for Men, Cinque and Shoes by Stiefelkoenig.

Our online store is growing steadily: Beautician Monika Dabs shows us how to take care of our hands. And the next topic will be body care.
What is more you can also buy products from Renate Christian’s Boudoir Boutique such as Towels, Candles and Soap in our online-shop.

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