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Welcome to our August edition of @FNN!

As you all know Fashion Network has been offering product reports for quite some time now. If you are interested in a particular report or if you can provide us with products for trial or your own product reports please do not hesitate to contact our editors. In August there are still more of Karin van Vliet products to come as we still have products in supply for assessment thanks to the big variety provided.

During the month of July our focus was once again on sun screens. Due to the unpredictable weather here in Austria the actual use of sun screens was nearly non-existent. In August we will for one last month continue with this topic until the cooler season hits us all too soon. These products will certainly be covered in our product report section as well and we will also focus on glitter products for summer evenings.

Our collection of links is still growing although due to the holiday season a little slower than usual. Nevertheless our search is newer over!

As fashion events are rare during the summer season we put more emphasis on TV- and Webtips.

Our current voting covers the controversal topic tanning: Do you prefer paleness because healthy skin is more important to you, are you fake-baking throughout the year? Or do modern cinderellas have a tendency towards self-tanners?

We had few additions to our collections last month: Ulla Popken Plus Size fashion and the upcoming Palmers collection.

Our online store is growing steadily: Beautician Monika Dabs demonstrates what you can achieve within 10 minutes at home which would otherwise take up to 90 minutes in a beauty parlour. After a regimen for the delicate undereye area the focus is now on our feet which are in the limelight during summer season. The next topic will be intensive care presenting Fruit-Acid Gel, Decongestive Care Cream, Regeneration and Firming Face Serum to just name a few.

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