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Welcome to our July edition of @FNN!

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As usual we have an offer for you concerning product reports: If you are interested in a particular report or if you can provide us with products for trial or your own product reports (text and picture material) that would be great! Please feel free to contact our editors. In June our emphasis was clearly on makep looks for summer and new products in the nail polish product range.

Our link collection concerning beauty & style is still waiting for your hints if you find out that something is still amiss or there was a change of address on a site. Please let us know!

During the month of June there were quite a few events to attend before our well-deserved summer break will start: at Henris you could have a look at the adorable jewellery creations by Laudomia Piccolomini. The class of fashion students of the university of applied arts arranged an impressive fashion show. And so did the Vienna Fashion Institute at Hetzendorf which reserved 5 evenings for their fashion show. Russian designer Lena Kvadrat gave us the opportunity to peek at her underwear collection "Albinos". In the Kiprov private hospital an information day about the multi-purposes of the aloe plant took place. One way to use it is as part of the "Lotion"-Lingerie Collection by Triumph. At the end of the month the beautiful park at Hetzendorf castle was the stage for the austrian Supermodel finale won by Fabienne from Vorarlberg and Michael from Vienna.

Concerning our collections there are quite a few updates: lingerie-wise we have the "undressed" summer collection by Marlies Dekkers, the summer collection by Triumph-International and the very special creation by designer Renate Christian from Boudoir Boutique dedicated to the marquis de Sade. Furthermore we present historical hair creations by Bundy Bundy. And the boutiques Popp & Kretschmer and Anastasia show us their trends for summer.

As the coming months will be calmer concerning events we will have more time to update our collections. As we are just in the middle of the yearly summer sale, we wish all shopping-fanatics among us much luck and a beautiful summer(holiday) for everyone!

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