@ZAZA news 01-03-2001

Welcome to our March edition of @ZAZA-News!
This February @ZAZA started working together with Firstly there will be a regular exchange of content concerning topics like fashion & styling, and we are just creating an online competition together. Furthermore our live-broadcasts will be announced via 4students as well.
Another cooperation concerning content-exchange was initiated with Due to the ever growing interest in @ZAZA from English-speaking countries, we intend to go bilingual and offer English as our second language.
In the meantime our Link collection reached a new high: we currently have over 3,200 links to homepages covering fashion, beauty & style. During the next weeks we plan to focus on the announcement of current promotions of cosmetics for you to stay up-to-date what to get where and when.
We will certainly continue to inform you about the weekly „fusion fashion“ events in Vienna’s Stein’s Diner.
We are now working together with a professional photographer: Fritz Novopacky who took pictures at several fashion shows and agreed to present them here as well. Novopacky is also responsible for all photographs of our first live broadcast: the joint fashion show of Alice & Carla Boutiques. He also photographed our own @ZAZA collection, which will be presented online shortly.
Our plans for the future are to offer product reports and tests of new products and bestsellers in the cosmetic department which we want to present and assess.
Some Producers have already stated their interest in this new feature and are even considering giving out some product samples. So stay tuned! Our recent voting covers how many pairs of shoes @ZAZA users are „hoarding“ at home. Do you have to count yours? We also offer an overview of different brands’ new Spring/Summer 2001 collections:
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